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Why use a Travel Agent?

Best Value: Agents provide their clients with the best travel value possible. While they can't control prices, they're able to furnish you with accurate information as to what choices and special promotions exist, and can speak to a particular product's quality. They're here to help you get the most value for your travel dollar.

Choice: Travel agents give you a variety of travel options and quotes from a host of travel suppliers.

Convenient one-stop Shopping: Agents save you time and money and will handle every aspect of your trip, from air tickets to car rental and from lodging to information on local activities and hot spots. Specialized attention is given to the needs of the senior traveler.

Customer Advocate: In the event you have an issue with a particular part of your travel experience, your travel agent can act on your behalf to see that restitution is made.

Expert Guidance: Agents are experts in understanding and deciphering the intricacies of the system and in helping you take full advantage of them. They're highly trained and have the technological tools to assure that you best the best experience possible.

Personalized Service: Agents are not some impersonal voice from a thousand miles away. They know you and know what you value in your personal travel experience.

Professional Advice: Agents are experts in making sure that people get where they need to go & at the best price and with the most comfort possible to their valued clients.

Time: Agents have all the information at their fingertips, a big advantage for today's time-strapped consumers. Instead of calling each airline individually, agents will electronically pull up all your travel options within seconds!!!

Trust: Travel agents are adept with booking on line while maintaining the security of your personal information. 57% of "wired travelers" have looked, but not booked. Of those, 64% cited the fear of non-secure credit card use as their biggest reason for not booking on-line. With a travel agent, you can relax and enjoy your trip, knowing your personal credit card information and other personal information are secure.

Unbiased Information: Agents work for you, not the supplier. If you're happy with your travel experience, it stands to reason you'll return to their agency the next time you're looking to make travel arrangements. In the world of travel, customer service is more important than ever. Travel agents work hard to ensure that you have a wonderful experience, a happy client is the basis of an independent travel agent!